Early Education and Development – A Multi-Disciplinary Program

Headed by: Prof. Yair Ziv | yziv@edu.haifa.ac.il | lecturer׳s Page | Phone: 04-8288349 (8349)

The program offers students a broad, up-to-date knowledge-base in relation to development and education in the early years, from birth until eight years old. The program is based on a multi-disciplinary approach, and is organized around four main themes: (a) developmental processes: normal and abnormal (b) society, policy and administration (c) curriculum and learning environments (d) educational interventions. Together, these four organizing themes highlight the reciprocal relations between the child's individual characteristics and his or her wider context – family, educational setting, and culture.

The program is aimed for practitioners in early education settings who are keen to extend and deepen their knowledge, as well as for counselors and other professionals interested in specializing in the early years. The program is also suitable for those interested in preparing themselves for professional roles as counselors, advisors, and educational project coordinators, as well as for educational positions in municipalities and local councils.